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Vân Vân

Dried Herb; Heaven Facing Chilies (Single Origin)

Dried Herb; Heaven Facing Chilies (Single Origin)

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Discover the bold flavor and aroma of Vân Vân's single-origin Heaven Facing Chilies from Lâm Đồng, Vietnam. With notes of fruity sweetness and tangy acidity, these petite chili flakes pack a punch in any dish. Vân Vân's innovative dehydration process preserves their original colors and flavors extremely well. Add a kick to your meals with these versatile chilies!

Versatile Usage: Use in place of fresh chili. Add the chili flakes on top of your pizza or stir-fries, soups, and other regional dishes. Blend them in a spice grinder to make your own chili powder.

Ingredients: Heaven Facing Chili

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