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Vân Vân

Dried Herb; Delta Lemongrass (Single-Origin)

Dried Herb; Delta Lemongrass (Single-Origin)

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Indulge in the bold and bright flavors of Vân Vân's Delta Lemongrass, grown and harvested in Tiền Giang, Southern Vietnam. Its subtle sweetness adds an unmistakable zest to dishes, making it an essential ingredient in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Vân Vân's innovative dehydration process preserves its vibrant color and aroma super well!

Versatile Usage: Use in place of fresh lemongrass. Rehydrate this vibrant dried herb, and add equal parts of water and Delta Lemongrass in a small bowl. Let it bloom for one to two minutes before cooking.

Ingredients: Lemongrass

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