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Big Spoon Sauce Co.

Dragon's Booty

Dragon's Booty

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Introducing Dragon's Booty from Big Spoon, the spicy chili crisp that will set your tastebuds ablaze. Made with habanero peppers, Carolina Reapers, and Chili de Arbol, its heat evolves over time. The addition of apples and orange zest brings a soft, citrusy sweetness to balance out the fiery kick. Perfect on grilled cheese, ceviche, tacos, and more. Set your taste buds on fire with Dragon's Booty. Starts off very fruity, and it escalates pretty quickly from there! 

Ingredients: Olive oil, shallots, garlic, peanuts, chili peppers (habanero, chili de arbol, guajillo, carolina reaper), pepitas, dried apple, orange zest, brown sugar, salt, Sichuan peppercorns, mushroom powder, spices, citric acid.

Contains: Peanuts

Heat: High

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