April 2024 Window: Tomoko Suzuki from Bosatsu Factory

April 2024 Window: Tomoko Suzuki from Bosatsu Factory

Meet Tomoko Suzuki of Bosatsu Factory, our April Window Artist.

Born and raised in Japan and now thriving in the US, Tomoko has journeyed through the realms of printmaking to discover her passion in ceramics. Her art is a unique blend of her Buddhist practice and her artistic vision, reflected in every piece she creates.

You'll instantly recognize her signature style - 'Chubbies', plump and lively figures that embody the struggles and joys of life. These figures, amidst nature-inspired settings, are Tomoko's artistic interpretation of Bodhisattvas, beings dedicated to achieving enlightenment and aiding others on their path.

In her work, the Lotus Flower and the muddy pond of earthly desires are recurring themes. Through her sculptures and prints, Tomoko seeks to express the transformation of suffering into happiness, a core principle of her Buddhist belief.

As a dedicated artist and a mother, Tomoko's journey is not just about creating art but also about embodying determination and perseverance. Her work is a testament to the power of art in transforming lives and environments for the better. Besides, her ceramics are so lively and full of joy! I definitely want one hanging around strawberries in my garden :) 

Join us at Mixed Pantry to experience the depth and beauty of Tomoko's art. It's more than just a visual treat; it's a journey into the heart of enlightenment and the celebration of life itself.

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