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Kuze Fuku & Sons

Traditional Umami Dashi

Traditional Umami Dashi

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Kuze Fuku & Sons' Traditional Umami Dashi is a versatile soup broth and seasoning that elevates the savory umami flavor in any dish. Made with carefully selected ingredients, it adds a rich and complex taste to soups, steaks, pastas, and more. Expertly crafted for a bold and delicious flavor experience.

INGREDIENTS: Dextrin, Dried Bonito, Salt, Dried Bonito Shavings, Soy Sauce Powder (wheat, soybeans, oxidized starch, seed malt), Sugar, Yeast Extract (yeast, sweet potato, tapioca, corn, potato), Fermented Seasoning (fish sauce, soy sauce, water), Dried Mackerel, Dried Sardine, Dried Kelp, Dried Flying Fish

CONTAINS: Fish (Bonito, Mackerel, Sardine, Flying Fish, Anchovy) Wheat, Soybeans, Shellfish (Shrimp, Crab)

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