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Chili Crisp with Fermented Black Beans

Chili Crisp with Fermented Black Beans

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Indulge in the world of umami with GUIZ - Chili Crisp featuring Fermented Black Beans. This exquisite condiment is made with non-GMO oil and carefully selected peppers from Guizhou, resulting in a deep and rich flavor profile. The fermented black beans elevate the savoriness, creating a perfectly balanced medium heat that showcases each unique taste. Our chili crisp showcases the authentic and uncompromising flavor of Guizhou, providing a culinary experience unlike any other brand. Guiz Chili Crisp with Fermented Black Beans offers a satisfying crunch and robust character to enhance any dish. Immerse yourself in the essence of traditional chili crisp and savor each bite as a flavorful journey!

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