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Kuze Fuku & Sons

Garlic Miso

Garlic Miso

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Introduce a traditional and authentic Japanese flavor to your meals with Kuze Fuku & Sons' Garlic Miso Rice Topping! Made from a blend of miso and garlic, this savory topping is perfect for enhancing the taste of rice as well as other dishes like steak and tofu. Elevate your dining experience with a new and exciting taste straight from Japan.

Ingredients: Miso (soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol), Garlic (sodium chlorite), Mirin (sticky rice, rice, koji rice, brewed alcohol, glucose, thick malt syrup), Starch Syrup (corn, potato, sweet potato starch), Water, Vegetable Oil (Rice Bran Oil), Sugar (sugar beet root), Protein Hydrolysates (wheat gluten, corn gluten, salt, xanthan gum), Lactic Acid (sodium lactate), Gluconic Acid (corn syrup), Phytic Acid, Soy Sauce Powder (soybeans, wheat, modified starch), Yeast Extract (dextrin), Agar

Contains: Soybeans, Wheat

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