April 2024 Artist of the Month: Lenore Wan

April 2024 Artist of the Month: Lenore Wan

Step into the vibrant world of Lenore Wan, our featured artist for April at Mixed Pantry! Her collection of floral paintings is a breath of fresh spring air, blossoming with emotion and color in every stroke.

Black and white portrait of asian woman sitting on a wall with a natural background

Lenore's art is a dance of hues and shapes, a celebration of the natural world and its serene beauty. Drawing inspiration from her Rocky Mountain roots and the open skies, her work is a testament to the peace and joy that flowers bring into our lives.

These paintings, born from real-life observations and Lenore's imaginative spirit, explore the depth of connection through the language of flowers. Crafted in her studio with love and a keen eye for detail, each piece is more than just a visual treat – it's a window to tranquility. I am so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful, vibrant paintings in the store for this whole month!


Bright, impressionistic still life of bouquet

Whether you're joining us for the Belltown Art Walk on 4/12 or just swinging by Mixed Pantry this month, don't miss the chance to experience the delight that Lenore's art offers. Who knows? You might just find that perfect piece of joy to bring home.

Visit us at Mixed Pantry, where beauty blooms in abundance this April. 

Find Lenore Wan online: @lenorewanart

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